Congratulations to the winner of the Anthology Poetry Competition

First prize

Frank Lowry, England – Telescope 

Congratulations to Frank whose winning poem will feature in a forthcoming issue of Anthology

Second prize

Peter Forster, England – Mote  

Third prize

Helen Dwyer, Ireland – Delicate  

Highly Commended

The judges would also like to highlight the work of the following entrants. (In alphabetical order by last name):

Helen Angell, England – Masterclass 
Stephanie Bollag, Switzerland – Your Daughter 
Jane Bonnyman, Scotland – Transfiguration 
Suzanna Fitzpatrick, England – Summerhouse 
Christiane Jacox, USA – Crossing 
Alicia Muir, England – My Black Hole
Elisabeth Murawski, USA – The Vest 
Lenee Ochsner, USA – A Poem for my Mother 
Ellaha Pirzada, USA – The Sister’s Curse
Jasmine Plumpton, England – Wounds
Charlotte Salkind, England – Liberation
Raya Yarbrough, USA – The True Spirits  

Congratulations to our winners and highly commended entrants and thank you to all who participated in the competition to help make it a success.

Thank you also to our panel of judges, led by Dr. Rachael Hegarty, who carefully assessed each entry to select the shortlist, highly commended entries and overall winner.

Entries are now invited for the Anthology Creative Awards 2024