Shortlist announced for the Anthology Poetry Award 2022

by Anthology
Girl reading poetry for the Anthology Poetry Competition

Thank you to all who participated in the competition. The overall winner will be announced on Monday, 19 December 2022 and the winning entry will be featured in a forthcoming issue of Anthology.

Congratulations to the following entrants who have been shortlisted for the award (alphabetical by last name):

Michelle Bosonnett (Ireland) – I Dream of Moore Street
Rebecca Brunton Weldon (Ireland) – The Almost, the Everything, the Nothing
Patricia Cantwell (Ireland) – The Box
Charlotte Dormandy (United Kingdom) – It Fretted You, that Early Morning Cry
Mary Alice Dixon (USA) – Night Owl Dreams Woman
Carline Edwards (United Kingdom) – Island Dreams
Noelle Gallagher (USA) – When Night Descends
Christina Hennemann (Ireland) – Seven Cups
Jeffa Kay (United Kingdom) – Paradise Failed
Johnny Kitterick (Ireland)– Boston Shore
Mimi Kunz (Belgium) – The Mind in the Body
Terry Loo (Australia) – Dreams
Carmina Masoliver (United Kingdom) – Dali
Julie O’Brien (Ireland) – Dreams of a Single Mother
Zoe Robertson (Canada) – Big dreams
Nollaig Rowan (Ireland) – In the Dark we Dream in Haiku
Lizzie Smith (Scotland) – Mermaid Dreams
Maria Wallace (Ireland) – I Dreamt I Climbed Lesbos
Glen Wilson (United Kingdom) – I Dream of Dnipro
Caroline Wellman (USA) – Winter Dreams

Entries are now invited for the Anthology Awards 2023