Creating a sustainable home

A healthy home environment with a focus on energy efficiency, waste reduction and low environmental impact is the key to sustainable living

by Louise Higgins
Words Louise Higgins

A growing understanding of the impact we have on the ecosystem has led to a rise in sustainable interior design that aims to create elegant home interiors while also respecting the environment. 

Sustainable interior design is all about creating interior spaces that promote healthy living, waste reduction, energy efficiency and longevity. We owe it to ourselves and the environment to make sustainable choices when choosing materials, products and energy sources for our homes. Whether building a new property, renovating an old one, or simply making your home more eco-friendly, these tips will help you create a more sustainable home. 

Green energy

Reduce carbon emissions by using a renewable energy system to provide heat, hot water or electricity. Options for renewable systems include solar panels, heat pumps and solar photovoltaic panels. Also, look at upgrading insulation, and ensure that doors and windows are energy-efficient, all of which will combine to lower your carbon footprint, save on energy bills and increase the value of your home. 

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