Little Comfort Farm

Rewilding and biodiversity in Devon, UK

by Ros Woodham
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North Devon, in the south-west of England, is known for its dramatic cliffs, wild beaches and surf culture. Yet tucked away from the cultural vibrancy, Little Comfort Farm exudes its own natural charm. It’s where ecologists Jodie and Jeremy Ward pioneer rewilding and organic farming, offering a unique eco farmstay where wildlife thrives and sustainability is a way of life.

In a shady hollow, flanked by steep-sided woodland and meadows, winds the River Caen. The still, moist air, thick with a mulchy aroma, creates the ideal sensory companion for the faint yet ever-present sound of running water. There’s a real sense of nature here, and it’s hard to believe that I’ve just walked onto a farm. 

Ariel shot of Little Comfort Farm set in Devon's raw farmland
The farm’s fishing lake is stocked with carp, rudd, roach and bream.

Biodiversity hotspot

Jodie, from Berkshire, UK, and Jeremy, from Tasmania, Australia, met in 2013 while working as ecologists and connected over a shared passion for the natural world. They acquired the traditional farm in Devon in 2017, recognising the ecological potential of the property’s 70 acres. They sought to rewild the area, blending tailored farming practices to contribute to the long-term environmental sustainability of the land.

Their approach to conservation is aimed at restoring a balanced, self-sustaining ecosystem, reintroducing native species and allowing natural processes to shape the landscape for biodiversity and ecological resilience.

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