Christian Paier on Private Chefs Inc.

Christian Paier talks about his agency that provides private chefs to the super-rich

by Edel Cassidy
Interviewed by Edel Cassidy

Ever since the first hunter-gatherers brought home their bounty and earned the admiration of their prehistoric friends, humans have gained prestige through the sharing of food. More than just a biological necessity, food has been central to social life throughout history – it helps us to make friends, court lovers and celebrate life’s milestones. 

From lavish Roman feasts to the pageantry of medieval banquets, from classic Dutch still lifes to Instagram photos, food has always captivated the human imagination, and been used to showcase abundance and flaunt wealth and prosperity.

Traditions may have changed, but the human urge to signify class, wealth and sophistication through food hasn’t gone away. As the global pool of ultra-high-net-worth individuals increases, so does the demand for private chefs. Hiring a personal chef can make life easier for wealthy individuals who don’t have enough time to cook healthy, tasty meals or prepare lavish dinner parties for guests.

Christian Paier wearing a black suit, leaning against a desk in a room with black and white decor

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