The transformative power of a structured daily routine

When it comes to optimising productivity, a well-defined morning routine ensures you get the most out of each day.

by Jeannie Croucher
Words Jeannie Croucher

Many well-known entrepreneurs and wellness coaches advocate establishing a daily routine to give you that head start and increase your chances of success. Here are some proven strategies to set you on the right path, and give you a sense of personal satisfaction and achievement at the end of a busy day.

Set the alarm button with intent: Starting the day early sends a clear message to the mind – you mean business. Set the alarm to go off before the rest of the household is awake so you get some alone time. It’s important to stick to the same time each day – don’t even think about hitting the snooze button. The trick is to make it so much of a habit that eventually you wake up just before the alarm goes off. 

Set daily goals: Upon waking, make a list of intentions for the day ahead. This act of writing down goals reinforces your commitment to achieving them. It’s best to limit these intentions to no more than three specific and attainable goals.

Allocate some ‘me time’: Allow time for physical exercise, reading, skill-building or eating nourishing food. Do not check work emails during this time; focus on self-care.

Tackle important tasks first: This will motivate you for the rest of the day. While unexpected distractions may arise, having key tasks completed is empowering and liberating, and will help you to deal with any additional disruptions effectively.

Ensure you have sufficient sleep: There’s a great deal of wisdom in the old adage ‘Early to bed, early to rise’. Aim for seven to eight hours of restorative sleep each night to support cognitive functioning and overall health. Establishing a regular bedtime routine during the week is crucial for maintaining energy levels.

Preparation is key: Spending a little time planning the night before can ease the morning rush and create a smoother start to the day. Consider organising materials for upcoming meetings, laying out your clothes and preparing breakfast the night before. It is amazing how beneficial a little forethought and advance planning can be.

Starting the day with a strong routine signifies the intent to approach the day with purpose and confidence. There’s no better way to tackle all that life has to throw at us.

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