Rustic cottage conservatory in cottagecore style

Creating cottagecore cool in your home

Craft a cottage-style haven, where warm hues, vintage finds and nature-inspired accents come together to create a cosy, inviting atmosphere

by Ros Woodham
Words Dolores O’Donoghue

There’s a timeless charm that emanates from the heart of cottage-style decor. Rooted in nostalgia, it’s all about highlighting and preserving cherished original features while integrating them with modern-day living to make inviting, cosy spaces. The essence of comfort and simplicity, cottagecore has a romantic quality and a welcoming vibe, creating the perfect surroundings in which to spend time with family and friends. We take a look at some key design ideas to craft that cottage style

Warm-coloured ceramic bowls on a wooden rustic shelf

Welcoming, earthy hues 

Elevate the ambience by selecting warm colours inspired by the earth’s natural pigments. Consider shades like creamy neutrals, earthy stone and honeyed yellows, extending to warm blush pinks and deep terracotta for instant cosiness. For those decorating an older cottage with original plaster, it’s advisable to choose a breathable paint formula to preserve the historical integrity of the space.

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