Interior of Sala delle Feste in Palazzo Colonna, Rome

Rome: Hidden treasures of the Eternal City

Embark on an unforgettable journey through a curated selection of Rome’s hidden gems

by Frank Cassidy
Words Frank Cassidy

If you want to escape the crowds in Rome, these less-visited sites offer the chance to explore some hidden corners of the city and learn about its rich history, cultural heritage and inspiring beauty.

Ornate interior of the Palazzo Colonna one of Rome's hidden trasures

Palazzo Colonna

This privately owned palace, one of the city’s oldest and most impressive, has been the residence of the noble Colonna family for eight centuries. Originating from the town of Colonna, near Rome, the family’s lineage includes a mayor, numerous cardinals and bishops, and even a pope.

The palazzo is a labyrinth of magnificent rooms decorated with exquisite frescoes, marble sculptures and gilded ceilings. One of its highlights is the Galleria Colonna, which holds a vast collection of masterpieces by artists such as Guercino, Salvator Rosa, Jacopo Tintoretto and Francesco Salviati.

In addition to its splendid interior, Palazzo Colonna boasts a beautifully landscaped courtyard bedecked with statues and fountains. On the ground floor, the Princess Isabelle Apartment, built on the foundations of the ancient Temple of Serapis, stands as a regal sanctuary, offering a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of this aristocratic family.

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