Iris van Herpen: Earthrise

The Amsterdam-based designer drew on the ‘indescribable beauty’ of the planet for her Earthrise Collection

by Edel Cassidy
Words Edel Cassidy

Widely heralded as one of fashion’s most forward-thinking designers, Iris van Herpen discovered fashion for the first time in her grandmother’s attic, where she unearthed a mini-museum of garments and costumes that opened her eyes to another era. Throughout her career, the designer has been fascinated by fluidity and the entangled art of movement, partly inspired by her training in classical ballet.

Her work is also deeply embedded in nature. Its beauty, mystery and chaos are aspects that the designer draws inspiration from. Elements of water, air and earth, and its translation into liquescent, diaphanous or textural forms, sculpt the celestial designs. 

The cyclical processes of planet Earth informed the designer’s latest collection, which includes dresses made from Parley for the Ocean’s recycled-plastic fabrics.

Girl in blue dragonfly-inspired outfit designed by Iris van Herpen
Girl on a mountain dressed in a white, coral-inspired outfit by Iris van Herpen
Girl dressed in a long, flowing blue outfit
Girl wearing an elaborately printed dress designed by Iris van Herpen

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