Sarah Choo Jing Photography: Not From Here

Congratulations to Sarah Choo Jing, winner of the Anthology Photography Competition

by Ros Woodham
Words Ros Woodham

Sarah Choo Jing takes a multidisciplinary approach to photography, video and installation works, using contemporary scenes to capture a multitude of private perspectives. She is especially interested in voyeurism and the viewpoint of the flâneur.

Photographer Sarah Choo Jing portrait
Sarah Choo Jing

Choo, born in Singapore in 1990, completed her MFA at the Slade School of Art in London in 2015 and returned to live and work in Singapore. She has been the winner of several awards, including the Moscow International Foto Awards (2015), Perspectives 40 under 40 Award (2017) and the Gold Award in the PX3 Prix de la Photographie Competition (2019). Most recently, she was shortlisted for the Audemars Piguet Art Commission for Art Basel 2020, and she clinched the 3D Interactive Award for the Lumen Prize for Art and Technology 2021. Her works are in both private and public collections around the world, and she has exhibited in London, Paris, Korea, Finland and the US. 

Montage of solitary people in mundane interior settings
The Hidden Dimension, 2013. Video installation exploring the theme of solitude and its relationship with the mundane.
Montage of outdoor street scene by Sarah Choo Jing
Art of the Rehearsal, 2021. Video still. Exploring the diverse ethnic communities of Singapore through various forms of dance.
Two people viewing an exhibition of photography by Sarah Choo Jing
The Hidden Dimension, 2013 (detail)

The winning image, Not From Here, is a digital composite of hawker centres in Singapore that recalls a pre-pandemic world of unrestricted social interaction, overlaid with images of socially distanced city life. Thus, present-day individuals juxtaposed with those from the past seem to be in silent communion with each other, while Choo adds a new layer of interpretation through assemblage and photo-realistic painting. The image presents an eerie yet intimately nostalgic scene that prompts the viewer to question its authenticity.  

Solitary female figure dressed in traditional Singaporean dreess
Expressive woman in dark interior with coloured lights
Dancing Without Touching, 2023. Video stills. Five-channel video installation.
Subdued Asian boxer siting in changing room
Dancing Without Touching, 2023. Video stills. Five-channel video installation.
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