Poetry: Telescope by Frank Lowry

Congratulations to Frank Lowry, winner of the Anthology Poetry Competition 2023

by Anthology
Portrait of Frank Lowry, winner of the Anthology Poetry Award 2023

Frank Lowry, winner of the Anthology Poetry Award 2023, was born in Birkenhead, Merseyside. He was educated at the local grammar school, Rock Ferry High School, and later went on to study History at Bangor University in Wales, followed by a postgraduate certificate in education at Liverpool University. 

He then returned to teach at his old school, which had since been transformed from a boys’ grammar school to a mixed comprehensive in a socio-economically deprived area. He taught History there for thirty-two years until his retirement in 2006. While he enjoyed his time at the school, he found the job challenging and a lot of hard work, but he felt it was a profession he was destined for.

Frank would particularly like to acknowledge the great encouragement given to him by his stepson, Tom Latham, who, he says, ‘kept me on my toes with his forthright critical reviews!’ 


When you were first diagnosed
You went out and bought yourself a telescope,
Not to scan the sky for stars
But to scrutinise the blackness in between,
As if by not blinking first
You could somehow reverse the tides,
Light a single candle to spark a thousand suns,
Coax songs from the throats of thrushes.
Then you smelt the lavender absorb the night,
Heard the scrunching of the hedgehog on its patch,
Embraced the earth beneath your feet,
Shrugged your shoulders at the vastness,
Made your way back home that night
And put the telescope to sleep.

Frank Lowry

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