Anthology Photography Competition 2023 Winners

Congratulations to Samuel Sieder (Italy), winner of the Anthology Photography Competition 2023

by Anthology

The Anthology Photography Competition 2023 winners have been announced, showcasing exceptional talent and creativity in the field of photography. This year’s first place was awarded to Samuel Sieder from Italy for his captivating work, “Encounters in the Desert.” Alongside Sieder, other highly commended photographers include JF Godin from Canada, Patrick Noonan from Ireland, and Tom Jeffers from Ireland, each bringing their unique perspectives to the competition. This celebration of photographic artistry is featured in Anthology Volume 21, highlighting the remarkable achievements of these talented individuals.

First place

Encounters in the Desert, 2022
Samuel Sieder (Italy) 

Samuel Sieder’s greatest passion lies in traversing the globe, capturing the most memorable moments through the lens of his camera.

‘The Great Sphinx of Giza stands out in the desert landscape as a smaller monument compared to the impressive pyramids. By framing the shot with distant individuals, the Sphinx appears as a massive solitary figure against the desert backdrop. The black and white tones simplify the image, highlighting the intense desert sun through striking shadows.’

A charming photo mushrooms and moss, highly commended in Anthology Photography Competition 2023

Highly commended

Mushrooms, 2023
JF Godin (Canada)  

JF Godin enjoys being out in nature and sharing it with anyone who is interested.

‘A group of mushrooms growing on a mossy log. Its height off the ground allowed me to fit my camera below and get an interesting angle. The sky peeking through the branches provided the soft bokeh.’

A stunning black and white photo of a musk ox, highly commended in Anthology Photography Competition 2023

Highly commended

Musk Ox, 2023
Patrick Noonan (Ireland)

Having been a photographer for many years, Patrick Noonan now focuses on capturing the natural world in a way that inspires a sense of stewardship and responsibility for wildlife and nature.

‘Led by local guide Sig, we hiked into the Dovrefjell mountains of Norway. We were lucky to come across a group of musk oxen. The calm winter conditions were perfect for photography, and after a few hours this mature bull approached close enough to get this frontal shot.’

A group of people enjoying a meal together at a table. A captivating photo that received recognition in the Anthology Creative Awards.

Highly commended

Connected, 2022
Tom Jeffers (Ireland)

Tom Jeffers is an amateur photographer from Dublin, now working in Geneva.

‘Sunday afternoon in my parents’ kitchen. It was taken the day after my youngest nephew’s christening, which meant there were more of us at home. We were in the process of finishing our lunch, which usually takes a while: more tea to be poured, dessert plates to be licked clean and chats to be had.’

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