Anthology Cover Art Competition 2022 – Winner

Congratulations to winner Eddy Greenwood and the four highly commended runners up

by Anthology

Eddy Greenwood’s wonderful portrait, ‘Charis’ wins the Anthology Cover Art Competition 2022 and is featured on the cover of Anthology Volume 19.

Portrait of a young girl wearing ethno-diverse clothes and hair decoration



Eddy Greenwood
Oil on canvas

As an artist, Eddy is fascinated by the influence of ethnic elements in fashion – the combination of prints, accessories and the explosion of colour, characteristic of unique cultural expressions. Charis is young but doesn’t follow the latest trends. She creates her own look, a fusion of styles that brings values such as inclusion, diversity and the reassessment of multi-culturalism to fashion.

Highly Commended

The judges highly commended the works of the following four artists:

Runner up for the Anthology Cover Art Competition 2022 digital artwork of the head and torso of a woman

Emerging, 2021

Dale Botha (Australia)

Dale Botha is a digital and mixed-media artist who was born in South Africa but now calls Australia home.

‘Created as the world prepared to return to normal outside the confines of the recent pandemic. Stars symbolise hope and sparks of relief at the prospect of emerging from our isolation. The net-like texture symbolises the fragmentation of our individual and collective worlds. We return to a world that appears to be the same, but is very different.’

Runner up for the Anthology Cover Art Competition 2022 artwork featuring a girl in period costume looking into a mirror

Mirror Mirror Who Am I, 2020

Saki (Japan)
Coloured pencils on panel

Saki is a twenty-year-old surrealist artist based in Tokyo and Rhode Island, who creates artworks based on fairy tales and mythologies.

‘Portraying the Evil Queen’s (from Snow White) struggles of finding an identity and obsession with beauty. The original story only describes her evil side. However, I intended to draw on another side of her personality, full of vulnerability and anxiety.’

Runner up for the Anthology Cover Art Competition 2022 artwork featuring an angel

Angels of Hope, 2022

Antoon Knaap (Ireland)
Spray paint on wood board

A visual artist born and raised in Amsterdam, Antoon Knaap settled in Ireland over twenty-five years ago.

‘Bringing a classical theme into our lives through the media used. With what has happened over the last few years and is happening now, we can do with more angels in our lives.’

Runner up for the Anthology Cover Art Competition 2022 painting of a lady in white an night by a lake

Resilience, 2022

Syra Larkin (Ireland) 
Acrylic on linen

Syra Larkin lives in The Maharees, a peninsula on the West Coast of Ireland where the landscape provides great spiritual and emotional inspiration.

‘Resilience is something that we all need. There is a great strength to be found in understanding both the power and beauty of nature. The figure is very much part of her surroundings. Her stance and posture show great resilience against an unseen pressure, demonstrating the fragility and beauty of our surroundings.’

We wish to thank all those who entered the Anthology Cover Art Competition 2022. We would also like to thank our hard-working independent panel of judges who carefully assessed each entry to select the shortlist, highly commended artists and overall winner.

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