Anthology Cover Art Award 2021 – Winner

by Anthology

Congratulations to Ágnes Keleman, winner of the Anthology Cover Art Award 2021.

Hungarian artist Ágnes Kelemen, winner of the Anthology Cover Art Award, was born in Budapest and lives there to this day. She was an introverted child, and daydreaming, books and creative activities were her refuge. Learning from and supported by her mother and grandmother, she experimented with everything from sewing, embroidery and weaving to enamel and woodwork. 

There were many creative influences in her family. Her grandfather, Oszkár Laszgallner, was an architect and artist. He designed and built the very beautiful Villa Laszgallner where the family book manufacturing and bookbinding business is located. Ágnes has a small gallery in the foyer of the villa.

Forget the World, the winning image of the Anthology Art Competition 2021 by Ágnes Keleman.

Highly Commended

Aukje and Fem, 2021.
Eddy Greenwood (Netherlands)
Oil on canvas

Eddy Greenwood is a portrait artist born in the UK in 1956, and now living in the Netherlands.

‘My vision for this painting was to show the closeness between a grandmother (Aukje) and her grandchild (Fem). I designed the canvas so that Aukje would create a frame around the child. They both hold the book, which becomes a bridge between the two different generations.’

Chicas y veleros, 2021.
Javier Ortas (Spain)

Javier Ortas resides in Madrid.

Although strongly inspired by nature, his artwork is from his imagination. ‘I look for naturalness and special moments. In this work the characters are important, but so is the environment – the sea, the seagulls, the boats and the mountains.’

Since Leucippus People Everywhere are Damaged by Lust of Power, 2021.
Yvonne Welman (Netherlands)
Mixed media on canvas

Yvonne Welman is a realist painter and teacher living in the Netherlands. 

‘There are always people who want to exert power over others. I want people to understand that we need a world with high moral standards and to show compassion! Learn from history. I am often indignant about what is happening in society.’

Renaissance, 2021.
David Norbert (Hungary)
Oil on canvas

David Norbert was born in 1970 in the small village of Nova in south-western Hungary. He now lives and works in Budapest.

‘Inspired by the Renaissance period, this painting is part of my Soul Labyrinth collection, where I try to portray the deep human soul. My wish is that the viewer can also feel an emotion and the depth in the painting.’

We wish to thank all those who entered the Anthology Cover Art Award 2021. We would also like to thank our hard-working independent panel of judges who carefully assessed each entry to select the shortlist, highly commended artists and overall winner.

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